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Is a driver liable for a passenger’s injuries in an accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

When there is an automobile accident in Virginia, it is important for those who have been hurt and the families who lost a loved one to be aware of their options. In many collisions, there was a catalyst, such as another driver running a red light, driving while distracted or driving drunk. In others, a passenger was hurt when the driver of their vehicle behaved recklessly or negligently.

In these instances, it might be confusing as to how to go about recovering compensation for all that was lost. If you are in this situation, it is imperative to be aware of what the law says about the driver’s liability. For guidance in these matters, it is important to have professional assistance.

Understanding a driver’s liability if there is an accident that injures a passenger

A person who was a passenger in a vehicle and was not paying for the ride can pursue the driver for damages if there was an accident and they were injured. If there was a fatality, the family of the passenger can seek compensation from the driver. For example, if you were being picked up by a friend or colleague at the airport and they got into an accident due to their own actions, they could be responsible for injuries you suffered.

Their negligence will be a key aspect of a claim. Perhaps the driver had used some medication before getting behind the wheel and it hindered their judgment. They could have been drinking alcohol. Drowsy driving could have been the cause of the crash. Or they might simply have been speeding or operating the vehicle in a reckless way. These factors will be assessed as you decide whether to pursue the driver for their behavior.

Knowing your rights is key in the aftermath of an auto accident

The personal and financial ramifications of a motor vehicle accident can cause long-term problems. People may not be able to function the same way they did before and need to find different types of employment. They could need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Their ability to contribute to their family could be harmed.

After a crash, it is imperative to have comprehensive advice from professionals who understand the challenges people will be confronted with after this type of incident and know how to proceed. Consulting with those who have a history of helping people impacted by an unexpected accident with injuries is a wise step to learn what the law says about holding people accountable and trying to make as full a recovery as possible.