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How an accident reconstruction can help your claim

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Car Accidents

If your car accident involved multiple vehicles, then it can be hard to figure out exactly how the accident occurred. Given Virginia’s law on contributory negligence, this lack of clarity can put your personal injury lawsuit in jeopardy, as the complexities of your case could wind up with blame being shifted onto you, thereby reducing your ultimate recovery. This is where an accident reconstruction may prove helpful.

What is an accident reconstruction?

An accident reconstruction is the process whereby an expert in physics analyzes the evidence surrounding your accident while applying scientific principles, coming to a conclusion as to how the wreck played out.

After analyzing tire skid marks, vehicle impact points, traffic signs and signals, and witness accounts, the individual who conducts the accident reconstruction will issue a final report with an opinion on causation. This can be powerful evidence in your personal injury case.

Be prepared for contrary evidence

In these complex cases, it’s not unusual for the plaintiff and the defense to each have their own expert testify about the cause of the accident. Therefore, even if you have a strong expert opinion, you need to be prepared for the defense to have contradictory expert testimony.

Here, you can look for missteps in the other expert’s investigatory process or gaps in their reports. Your attorney can help you identify these weak points, that way you can highlight them during trial and minimize the amount of weight given to the defense expert’s testimony.

Take a holistic approach to your car accident case

There’s a lot to consider as you navigate your personal injury claim, including the use of expert testimony. Don’t make the mistake of trying to improvise as your case goes along, as that will put you at risk of being denied the compensation you need. So, before moving forward with your claim, ensure you have a strong legal strategy to rely upon.