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Is there such a thing as a dangerous dog breed?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Personal Injury

There are certain dog breeds that have been more prone to seriously injuring or even killing people during attacks.

Statistics, how the dog type was bred over time, and size contribute to what society considers a dangerous breed of dog.

Historically, certain types of dogs have been involved more frequently in serious attacks. With respect to breeding, dog types raised to fight or protect tend to be more prone to biting.

Although smaller dogs can also cause serious injuries, the size of larger dogs makes them more dangerous.

Some of the types which make the list of dangerous breeds probably come as little shock. Pit bull terriers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans all are considered dangerous breeds. Pit bulls specifically have been the target of restrictive laws, which may be why so many pit bulls wind up in shelters.

However, Giles County residents may be surprised by other breeds which make the list. Boxers, Labs and Great Danes have been involved in serious dog attacks, even if they might not have the reputation for being aggressive.

Pet owners in Virginia are responsible for their dogs’ aggressive behavior

In another since, though, it is difficult to blame a dog bite on the breeding of the animal.

Any dog is capable of getting aggressive and seriously injuring a child or other victim. The injuries can include scaring or disfigurement. Moreover, someone who has been bitten may never feel fully safe around dogs ever again.

Whether a dog is a bite risk depends a great deal on how their handlers care for and train it. Dogs which are neglected, not socialized or trained to hold their territory will bite.  If an owner chooses to train their dog for protection, they must make sure the innocent public remains safe.

When a dog bites and seriously injures someone, the owner may be legally responsible to pay compensation to the victims.