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Getting The Divorce Guidance You Need

Going through a divorce on your own can force you to give up more than you should in the long run. From protecting your share of the assets to ensuring you get to see your kids enough, an experienced family law attorney can help you pursue the results you are looking for.

I am Jason Ballard, a divorce lawyer with a history of helping people protect their best interests in their divorce. Whether you are trying to settle your divorce collaboratively or through contestation, I can help you at my office of Ballard Law LLC.

The Difference Between Collaborative And Contested Divorce

Some spouses are surprised to learn that they can decide how their divorce resolves. If you envisioned a divorce as going before a judge to present your case and hope for the best, you are thinking of what a contested divorce is. These divorces can become heated in court as you fight to make your voice heard and hope the judge agrees with your position.

Collaborative divorces involve both spouses working together through negotiation or mediation to come to an agreeable outcome in their divorce. This way, they can have more influence on their custody agreements, asset division, child support and alimony. This option often results in faster divorces that can also meet your schedule along the way.

How Assets Divide In A Divorce

Instead of splitting the marital assets in a divorce in a 50/50 manner, most courts use “equitable distribution” to divide things. This method of splitting property goes by what a judge considers to be a fair split rather than an equal one. This option can result in one spouse receiving considerably more in the divorce based on the notion that the other spouse, based on the judge’s findings.

While a collaborative divorce often eliminates or reduces the chances of an uneven asset division, I can help you either negotiate for a fair split through collaboration or contestation.

How To Start Preparing For Your Divorce

Whether you are trying to begin the process of divorce or you are looking to protect yourself after being served divorce papers, your first action in the divorce process should always be reaching out to a skilled family law attorney. Call my office at 540-931-0497 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today and take the first step toward the next chapter of your life.